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Yoga Studio With Cafe & Garden. Enjoy practicing yoga in a natural sanctuary for mind, body and spirit, a haven for replenishment, rejuvenation and re-connection with self within the bustling city of Sydney.

Botany, New South Wales

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Anne Stringer

Anne Stringer
At age 48, Anne has been teaching for 11 years and is regular practicing yogi – on and off the mat, trying to keep as mindful as she can in every day life; merging everything she has gained so far, to teach to others. Her classes focus on the breath, grounding down to the earth, connecting the subtle body with the physical body, building strength in the postures whilst having a calm mind. Playful, encouraging, strong yet safe alignment and sequencing with hands on adjustments where applicable. ​ Anne believes yoga is a journey that has no end, it’s how we deal with what’s thrown at us along the way on and off the mat. Be honest, listen to your heart, trust your gut, be in tune & feel your body – let your mind go, loose the ego & don’t be in your head! Just like when we were kids – carefree, fun with no agenda or script. On the mat we cultivate intentions that can create balance, peace and harmony in our daily lives; awakening our senses, creativity, intuition and spirituality to help release, let go, create space, reset, focus, achieve, believe, transform, build strength and conquer fear. The real yoga happens off the mat – how we are to others and ourselves in this crazy, busy, fast paced world, what we allow in & what we choose to let go. ​ Anne’s first yoga class was 27 years ago in a cold village hall in London, starting with Ashtanga and Iyengar Asana practice. In 1997, Anne’s love for yoga really deepened when she lived in India for a year & absorbed herself in daily life, temples, gods, gurus, chanting, rituals, philosophy, mythology, asana and ayurvedic medicine, which enriched and furthered her own yoga practice on and off the mat. Anne immersed herself in teacher training in 2007, this had a knock on effect to do many varied teacher trainings & workshops with Australian & international teachers, furthering her knowledge of the mind, body, spirit & soul. ​ TRAINING 200 hours – Kate Manitsas – Samadhi – Hatha / Vinyasa – Full teacher training 100 hours – Melanie Mclaughlin – The Yin Space – Full Yin teacher training 50 hours – Jasmine Tarkeshi – Laughing Lotus – Ayurvedic teacher training 50 hours – Jasmine Tarkeshi – Laughing Lotus – Bhakti teacher training 25 hours – Joan Hyman – Yoga Works – Travelling from the outside in 25 hours – Octavio Salvado – The Practice – Immerse & Deepen the Practice 25 hours – Matty Ezraty – Yoga Works – Finding the teacher within – Alignment 15 hours - Wiebke Queisser - Yoga Time - Reiki healing level 1 & 2 15 hours - Idit Hefer Tamir - Sukha Mukha yoga - Restorative yoga teacher training 15 hours - Melanie Mclaughlin - The Yin Space - Advanced Yin Teacher Training ​ Various workshops with Sharon Gannon & David life, Jules Febre, Janet stone, Ana Forest yoga , Shiva Rae, Twee Merrigan, Matty Ezraty, Amy Pilotti, Sarah Power, Sarah Owen, Les Leventhal, Noelle Connelly, Bryan Kest, Tara Judelle, Simon Park Annie Carpenter, Nancy Goodfellow, Simon Lowe, Mark Breadner, Donna Fahey, Channel Luck, Tiffany Cruikshank, Dice Iida-Klein, Patrick Beach, Carling Harps, Melanie Mclaughlin, Wiebke Queisser, Jeff Miller, Katie Manitis, Jasmin Tarkeshi, Meghan Currie, Yogeswari
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