About FindYoga

We aim to provide an extensive yoga resource directory that benefits yoga schools, teachers and students (both new and old), as well as helping to bring together the yoga community.

Our mission is to service the yoga community by listing upcoming events, workshops, teaching jobs, information about visiting teachers and events.

Years Ago

How we began

The concept behind findYoga began when Emma and Alex Grant moved back to Sydney in 2002 after studying yoga in India and the U.S.

As they began their search for yoga classes, they dicovered how difficult and time consuming this exercise was. Searching each website individually took time and resulted in a huge pile of brochures. The idea for FindYoga was born.

Keeping FindYoga Shanti Shanti

The website has certain morals and ethics that it will abide by at all times.

Our information about yoga will be as objective as possible. At no time will findYoga promote one style of yoga over another style of yoga or school. Yoga schools are free to explain their particular yoga style on their listing.

About Alex

Alex has been practicing yoga for over 15 years. He grew up in New York City where he enjoyed all that city life had to offer. After 9/11 he and his wife moved to Australia where he found his calling. He became a yoga teacher and studied acupuncture for 4 years.