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Map of Botany, New South Wales
25 Swinbourne Street, Botany, New South Wales, 2019, Australia
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Sunday, 5 Apr 2020
12pm - 3pm


BRIDGING HEAVEN & EARTH THROUGH CRYSTAL CHAKRA BALANCING MEDITATION WITH VICKY AVERKIOU, ENERGY INTUITIVE HEALER, INTEGRATIVE THERAPIST IN PSYCHOLOGY & TRAUMA Experience how opening and integrating the earth star and soul star chakras will bring you a more balanced life. Do you find it difficult to integrate your spiritual world with your day to day world? Is spirituality an escape from your life rather than a way of life? Does it feel spirituality is something you fit into your schedule? Would you like it to become an embodied, lived experience? In this 3 hour crystal chakra balancing meditation, you will discover the benefits of having a balanced earth star and soul star chakras and how they fit in with the seven main chakra system and can balance heaven and earth in your own life. The earth star chakra is located below our feet and connects us with the crystalline grid of Mother Earth. The soul star chakra is located above our heads and connects us with the wisdom of our souls. When we are able to connect both earth star and soul star chakras, we can integrate them and start to ‘bridge’ heaven and earth. Vicky will guide you through two meditations to open and balance both the earth star and soul star chakras. A third meditation will integrate the two, incorporating all of the other seven main chakra points. The meditations will be supported by the energy of an intuitive crystal grid. You will learn that to go up, first you must go down and so the deeper we go down, the greater heights we can attain. When we can do this, we can access our soul wisdom and apply it in effective, sustained, practical and grounded way in our life, so that we feel: AliveCalmerEnergisedGreater ClarityInspiredVitalityBalance in our bodies & mindMore at peace with ourselves & our lifeBALANCE | MEDITATE | GO DEEP | RISESunday 5th April - 12 - 3pm Botannix Yoga Studio | 25 Swinbourne Street, Botany, Sydney 2019 The Ganesha Garden Studio Investment $50 members | $55 non members Limited spaces so early bird bookings essential