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Map of Norman Park, Queensland
174 Bennetts Road, Norman Park, Queensland, 4170, Australia
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Sunday, 21 Jun 2020
11:00am - 3:30pm
$140 for Flex Annual and Direct Debit Members; $160 for Everyone else


Do you want to be part of a powerful awakening for women all around the world? Tap into an intuitive knowledge that already exists within your own body? Are you ready to gain uniquely feminine insights, strength and power to move forward in your life?

An intimate workshop experience, for women only

Mardi Brisbane will lead you and a group of max. 10-15 women through your own journey of discovery, allowing you to access a powerful source of inner wisdom that is the birthright of every woman.

There is a strong relationship between emotions held within your body and physical symptoms of discomfort or dis-ease. This workshop enables you to develop a greater perspective on connecting to nature, and help you understand yourself and those around you. Guided meditation will take you on a journey to meet the feminine archetypes that exist within you and enable you to tap into your inner wisdom of the teachings they bring.

This workshop includes

  • Meditation to meet your female archetypes
  • Theory on different cycles in our lives and our connection with nature
  • Discussion on vitality of women, past perceptions and the modern medicalisation of natural feminine energies
  • Review and examine the relationship between natural cycles of the earth and using the menstrual (or moon) cycle to find your own unique path to
  • connect in with your mind/body/spirit
  • improve vitality and create alignment
  • open energy channels and develop our intuition
  • reduce PMS or other hormonal symptoms
  • Take home tools to start your own cycle awareness practice
  • Practical use of journaling and charting to tap into your power source
  • Practical ways to embody the rhythms of the moon, the seasons, and other natural cycles, to connect in with your feminine power
  • Yin yoga to discover and work into areas of discomfort and dis-ease to move energy and stagnation
  • Take home exercises for tapping into your inner wisdom to gain power from connecting with the earth and bring forth your own source of vitality
  • Guided meditation to reinforce concepts and knowledge gained in the workshop.

Please make sure to book early to avoid disappointment! This workshop will be a small, intimate gathering with a maximum 15 women. Don’t let this opportunity pass by waiting too long and missing out.

About Mardi

Mardi Brisbane is a Natural Healer with a Bachelor of Science in Complementary Medicine (Nutrition, Naturopathy & Herbal Medicine). She lives in Norman Park, Brisbane where she works as a Naturopath, Reiki practitioner and Yoga Teacher.

Understanding the importance of our connection with nature for health and vitality, she specialises in feminine energy cycles, including the menstrual, moon and seasonal cycles. 

Her work reveals an inner knowledge that has been repressed for centuries. As women are reawakening to this internal intelligence now, Mardi’s background provides a unique perspective and she is honoured to be able to share this knowledge.