Yoga classes in Toowoomba on Wednesday at 7:00am

  1. 6:15 amHathaLesleigh's Yoga ClassesToowoomba 45m
    { last: 'Townsend', first: 'Shannon' }
    6:15 am Hatha for 45m with Shannon Townsend at Lesleigh's Yoga Classes (Toowoomba)
  2. 3:45 pmKids-YogaLesleigh's Yoga ClassesToowoomba 45m
    { last: 'Barton', first: 'Chris' }
    3:45 pm Kids-Yoga for 45m with Chris Barton at Lesleigh's Yoga Classes (Toowoomba)

    6 weeks (check dates)

  3. 5:30 pmHathaLesleigh's Yoga ClassesToowoomba1h 30m
    { last: 'Camm', first: 'Lesleigh ' }
    5:30 pm Hatha for 1h 30m with Lesleigh Camm at Lesleigh's Yoga Classes (Toowoomba)

    Bookings Only

  4. 5:30 pmVinyasaFlow Yoga with Jen MurrayToowoomba1h 15m
    Flow Yoga with Jen Murray
    5:30 pm Vinyasa for 1h 15m with Flow Yoga with Jen Murray

    All Levels drop-in class at DeMolay House, 90 Margaret St. Bookings not required. Some previous yoga experience recommended. NO CLASS JULY 24

  5. 7:15 pmMeditationLesleigh's Yoga ClassesToowoomba 30m
    Lesleigh's Yoga Classes
    7:15 pm Meditation for 30m at Lesleigh's Yoga Classes (Toowoomba)

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