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WELCOME TO Vim's YOGA WEBPAGE. Teaching intuitively, Vim encourages her students to explore the poses & to embark on a journey of self discovery.

Port Stephens, New South Wales

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Vim Lane

About Vim:
Following a teaching career, I settled in Australia to take up yoga, an interest I have pursued since my days at university.

I trained & qualified in the Iyengar method & hold the certification mark. I continue to study, practise & teach in this traditional classical style of yoga.

The focus in my personal practice and teaching is on developing inner and outer strength by exploring the calmness and clarity that comes with working the body, mind and breath.

About Vim's class:
My public class runs on a monthly basis & students are requested to sign up for the month.

Signing up for a series of sessions allows you to work progressively week by week, developing skills & techniques to help you reach your full potential. Classes are structured so all the main poses are covered over a month with restorative and pranayama included. Committed students really notice the benefits that come from a regular yoga practice, with improvement to their physical posture, mental state & quality of breath.

My teaching is characterised by the sequencing of asanas towards a desired result guided by the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali. Concentrating on smooth even breath, postural alignment & internal stability, I endeavour to teach in a way that draws the student to begin to integrate the external physical body with the internal subtle environment.

The classical style of yoga I teach uses precise techniques & instructions to correct the anatomical & physiological alignment of the body and in time unite the body, mind & breath. Props are used to bring a deeper understanding to the poses.


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