Bhumi Namaskar Masterclass


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Saturday, 27 Jul 2013
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9436 1231


Namaskar Masterclasses are back, giving you the chance to deepen your practice.

Sunday 28th July 2013 with Mark Reynierse facilitating the class. Just

to let you know that these Masterclasses are for everyone, including

you! All levels of practice from beginners to advanced will enjoy and

benefit from these classes. We will not just be doing physical poses,

there is much more to it, such as Mudra, Mantra and movement


In this 3 hour yoga class we will spend the first hour doing warm-ups

such as movement meditations to awaken the connection to our bodies and

prepare for Mandala Namaskars which will open our bodies to receive the

benefits from the 2nd hour which will be devoted to Bhumi Namaskar

(salutation to the earth element, the earth & the base chakra). This

sequence was first designed by Shiva Rea in America. It is practiced

on the floor supported by Mother Earth.

In the 3rd hour we receive the benefit of the Bhumi Namaskar with a long

Shavasana with mudras, a contemplation to help release any outdated

beliefs and a guided meditation on the base chakra. This experience is


Be grounded in your physical body.

Take residence in the body.

Respect the earth & your experience upon it.

The classes are popular and spaces are limited, so secure your place in the

Masterclass by booking at Mantra Yoga or over the phone on 94361231.

Included for $45

10% of your $45 will be donated to charity. Namaste