"JOURNEY TO THE CENTRE OF BREATH" - Pranayama and Meditation Masterclass

Jun22201912:00 am

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SOUL TREE YOGA STUDIO, 10 Kleins Road, Northmead, New South Wales, 2152, Australia
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Saturday, 22 Jun 2019
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Ancient yogis knew the pathway to healing, longevity, wisdom and consciousness was through the power of the breath. This Workshop weaves together gentle asana, deep breathing sessions and active meditations creating a safe inner space to explore the physical, emotional and mental body. It is an introduction into the magic and mystery of the breath, a simple, ever-present and sacred tool that can be used to release deeply held tension, emotional blocks, and alter how we view and experience life.‚Äč

Immerse yourself in two hours of this healing practice. Learn to work with the breath intelligently as Rosie leads you through an exceptionally powerful and natural method of self-exploration and personal transformation. This workshop is open to all. Expect minimal movement, pranayama techniques and meditation.


About the HOST - Rosie Hooker

A senior yoga teacher Rosie has trained with Duncan Peak of Power Living Australia, Sarah Powers of Insight Yoga, Mark Breadner of Yoga Coach and Janet Stone. Her current teaching schedule includes Vinyasa Flow, Hatha, Yin, Meditation and Pranayama at studios, gymnasiums and corporations and her teaching integrates all the lineages she’s been exposed to, combining traditional practices with anatomical insight, making her classes invigorating and intuitive. She also has a love of yogic philosophy and encourages her students to explore all facets of yoga and to follow the path of self-enquiry. In addition to her love of yoga, Rosie is a mother and a holistic health practitioner with a specialty in Nutritional Medicine. She successfully fuses experience and wisdom within the yoga world blending Eastern philosophy with Western medicine.


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Gentle Yoga
Pranayama (breathing)