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Saturday, 29 Aug 2015
6.30 PM
What does that include?


This upcoming workshop will be a theoretical and practical workshop to introduce the preliminary teachings of the Navara Mystical School, as given by the fully Enlightened Master- Sri Guru Navara.


We will spend a short time speaking on the basic theoretical elements regarding the Navara philosophy, and will then spend the majority of the time learning the practical teachings from the first small preliminary technique. Students who wish to receive this technique will be invited to practice daily in their own time and a further opportunity for weekly guided classes will be available, as well as ongoing support from the Navara Acharyas (teachers) and guidance with recommended self-study.


Entry to the workshop is free, however those who wish to receive the initiatic techniques will be asked to fill out an enrollment form and to contribute a $30/month membership fee.


If anyone has any questions before the workshop please feel free to email me personally at:


I look forward to hosting the event and meeting all of you.


Many divine blessings,


Included for $30

$30 is towards the initiation fee for the small preliminary technique and will go towards your monthly membership fee for the following month.