Gomukasana at Borobodur Temple Indonesia
Gomukasana at Borobodur Temple Indonesia


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Saturday, 29 Aug 2015 to Saturday, 29 Aug 2015

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The kidney meridian is a yin meridian (flows upwards), controls the growth and development of bones and nourishes the marrow, which is the body's source of red and white blood cells.
A weak kidney is therefore a prime cause of anemia and immune deficiency.
They are responsible for filtering waste metabolites from the blood and moving them on-wards to the bladder for excretion in urine.
Along with the large intestine, the kidneys control the balance of fluids in the body.
In addition, they regulate the body's acid-alkaline balance (pH) by selectively filtering out or retaining various minerals.

In Chinese philosophy, the yin yang symbolizes the duality and interdependency of the natural world. Things that are yang are moving, changing, and vigorous. In contrast, things that are yin are still, static, and calm. 

The majority of western yoga practices have evolved into being very yang- lots of movement, with an emphasis on stretching the muscles. Muscles are yang, while connective tissues like tendons and ligaments are yin. Yin Yoga compliments the muscular (Yang) Hatha Yoga as many poses are held from 3 to 10 minutes so that muscles and deep connective tissue are simultaneously stretched and strengthened giving them a rubber band memory not achieved in traditional exercise. Incorporating the Chinese Meridian system to sequence poses in a theraputic way to balance the energy/ Prana/ Qi in the body to create harmony physically and energetically.

In Yin Yoga we are letting go of muscles using gravity and our body weight to drop into the joints, letting our joints move their full range of motion. This is particularly good for tight bodies, active bodies and injured bodies.
Finding Stillness in body and learning to just sit with the strong sensations so that you can move deeper into the postures.

This style of Yoga compliments our Yang practices whether that is Vinyasa Yoga, Running, Cycling, Gym sessions... whatever you do to sweat and move you body. Yin Yoga brings balance to our everyday lives. Sometimes we just need to be still and be present. This is the time.

In this monthly 2 hour workshop we will practice different sequences of postures for the meridians, deeply focusing on the bigger, tighter joints in the boy to unblock energetic and physical tightness. Every month learning more about how we can use our Yoga Practice as medicine.

Sunday 26th JULY 
Time: 4-6pm
Venue: Yoga Pavilion in Artarmon
15 Elizabeth Street, Artarmon NSW
Cost: $35 per person (pre paid)
$40 on the door
Payments made to:
Forever Evolving Yoga 
BSB 012266
Acc 189937314

Booking required as space limited.