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Wednesday, 21 Nov 2012 to Sunday, 25 Nov 2012

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If you are practicing in an wholistic health modality such as; yoga, massage, reiki, sexual health, life coach, counsellor, marriage counsellor or medical professional you will find this course and training invaluable giving insights, tools, techniques gathered from Diane and Kerry’s life time of work in Sacred Sexuality and Tantra and relationship counselling (over 30 years each). These common issues and more will be addressed!


Common motivations why people want to find out about Tantra


©      Just interested to see what Tantra has to offer. 

©      Interested in holistic approach to relationship.

©      Knows there must be more to sexuality and relationship.

©      Too busy, too tired, kids etc and physical intimacy is not happening .

©      Want to explore more experiences.

©      Want to learn some sensual massage skills.

©      She has lost her desire or he has lost his so there is a difference in desire.

©      Want to put a new spark in our love life.

©      S/he wants more intimacy in relationship.

©      Want to bring more soulfulness into or love life.

©      Her pleasure is elusive or unreliable pleasure.

©      He doesn’t last long enough.

©      Sometimes one of them has had an affair and they think Tantra may help the healing and build trust again

©      One or both have broken up before from a long term relationship/ marriage. Now s/he has a new relationship and wants to learn other ways in improve relationship.

©      New in relationships - want to gain more confidence.

©      New young family and s/he less libido.

©      She has gone through menopause and doesn’t feel as sexy and it's upsetting their relationship.

©      Health or lifestyle issues affecting couples physical intimacy.


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