Sydney Oki-do Yoga Workshop with Peter Masters - Mosman


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Suakin Drive, Mosman, NSW, 2088, Australia
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Sunday, 25 Sep 2011
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0417 065 186


Sydney Oki-do Workshop with Peter Masters
Sunday 25th September – 10am to 1pm – Mosman Yoga Co-Op – $65

Join us for this ongoing series of Sunday morning workshops.

Oki-do is a unique union of Indian Yoga, Chinese Taoism, Oriental Medicine and Japanese Zen. explore Oki-do principles and the Oki-do approach to asana, healing and meditation. it's an opportunity to deepen your practice or experience something new.

As it's Springtime, the focus of this workshop will be on side, lateral and twist movements. Twist Pose, Triangle Pose (Trikonasana), Tree Pose & Eagle Pose (Garudasana) are the specific asanas being studied on the day.

The Oki-do approach to asana includes corrective and release exercises, mind focus points and zen imagination practice. This work aids asana practice by enhancing strength and flexibility; helping to unify mind, body and breath. There'll also be some Purification Exercises for Springtime.

When: Sunday 25 September - 10am to 1pm
Where: Mosman Yoga Co-op, Building 21,Suakin Drive, Georges Heights Mosman
Contact: Anne Bailey - 0417 065 186 - email:
Cost: $65 - includes refreshments


What is Oki-do?
Oki-do is to create enjoyment for oneself as well as for others. To be natural in body, mind and breath as the basis of health, happiness and peace.

In Oki-do we are concerned with personal development, interpersonal learning as well as getting in touch with the transpersonal. In other words we start by stabilizing the body, detach the mind and then cultivate love and compassion. Then aiming to embody this experience in all aspects of daily life.

Included for $65

$65 (includes refreshments)