YIN Yoga Workshop - heart, lung and intestines meridian


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Longueville Sporting Club, Corner Kenneth St & River Rd West, Longueville, New South Wales, 2066, Australia
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Saturday, 14 Mar 2015
9am - 11am
0411 155 165


Often likened to a needless acupuncture session, YIN Yoga is a powerful practice in physical and emotional release.
Suitable for all levels of Yoga students, these popular workshops led by Trish Flynn always shake things up ... and then let them settle beautifully in their proper place again.

This month the target will be Heart / Lung / Intestines meridians.
These meridians are intrinsically linked, so have quite similar symptoms and qualities.
Though what does that mean in real-speak for me - physically and emotionally?

Physically speaking:
When out of balance we may experience physical symptoms such as:
* allergies, asthma, bronchitis, coughing.
* rashes and hives
* poor circulation
* cold extremities, hot flushes
* abdominal pain, constipation, diarrhoea
* heartburn, digestive problems

When the heart / lung / intestines meridians are in balance, we can enjoy:
* feeling warm & nourished
* active & full of vitality
* healthy digestion and elimination

Emotionally & Mentally speaking:
When out of balance we may experience an emotional presentation in the form of:
* grief & loss; extended bouts of sadness
* depression, estrangement, desperation
* sense of bonding obscured by hatred of circumstance and people

When in balance, relief can come in the form of:
* A sense of joy, peace & harmony.
* able to be happy no matter what life throws you.
* remain versatile & purposeful during change
* courage, reverence, appreciating special moments.