Freeing up the Neck and Shoulders


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Sunday, 30 Nov 2014
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Are you a desk sitter


Perhaps you've just become accustomed to living with the discomfort, and you're re-shaping bits of your life to work around it.

At 2am, after many different pillow configurations & position shifts - are you still unable to get comfortable and sleep well?

Is your regular practitioner (physio, chiro, osteo, whomever)'s usual magic, just not helping anymore?

Are you a heavy user of technology devices? (mobile phones, ipads, laptops)

Are you a new Mum, posture-adjusting to nursing your baby?

Is emotional or mental stress a significant part of your life?

This 2.15hr Yoga workshop with Mitch (Michelle) Gibson will explore practical ways to free up the neck, shoulders and thoracic spine (upper back).

You'll also receive this as a TAKE-HOME bonus: A 10min Home practice sequence for freeing up neck & shoulders.


We get a new skeleton every 7 years. Bone is forming & reforming. Even though it has a DNA template, bone also grows in response to stress. Muscle begins to pull on bones, changing one's alignment. There is quite a bit of plasticity in our skeleton over time (less as we get older) so the work we do to maintain a healthy spine has huge relevance and should be prioritised.

Dodgy Necks.

What happens below (the neck), often affects what's above. Often neck pain comes from thoracic (upper back) imbalance, weakness or immobility.

Desk sitting.

If you sit in the one position for more than 7-8 hrs a day (regardless of physical health), your chance of major illness is radically increased. 

"Sitting is the new smoking"

Our bodies and our cells need to move to stay healthy. Desk-sitting immobilises the thoracic spine (upper back), tightens up the shoulders and shortens the back of the neck; an ideal recipe for neck and shoulder pain.

Is your device over-use causing you neck and shoulder pain? 


Emotional and mental stress. 

Neck and shoulder tension may not exclusively be postural / physical / structural. It can be caused by a vicious cycle of immobilisation & disuse, vertebral misalignment, joint stiffness and muscle weakness, recurrent pain or pain avoidance, illness behaviour and depression.

The workshop will be led by Mitch (Michelle) Gibson


Included for $65

This 2.15hr workshop includes a bonus 10-minute take away Home Practice to free up the neck and shoulders. 

to free up the neck and shoulders.