Saturday Series - Lift To Twist, Twist To Lift


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Saturday, 11 Apr 2015
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Saturday Series - Lift To Twist, Twist To Lift with Tamar Kelly

Twisting creates space, and creating space in order to twist, perpetuates this. Twists have the power to penetrate all layers, from the superficial muscles, to the deep core muscles, and even to the abdominal cavity and the organs themselves. Nerve pathways and the joints also find length and space. 

We will learn how to use twists to both stimulate and pacify, so as to tailor the twists and the practice to suit the need. 

Saturday Series workshops are suitable for Iyengar Yoga practitioners Level 3 & up with a consistent personal practice that includes Inversions. 

Saturday April 11th 2015, 2-4:30pm 

Cost: $40 per workshop

Book into 3 consecutive workshops for $100 save $20 

Bookings are essential and can be made via the studio or online at