The Therapeutic application of Pranayama and Bandhas with DR NC


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Friday, 13 May 2016 to Saturday, 14 May 2016
9am- 4.30pm
$325 Before 15 April 2016; $375 After 15 April 2016
0416 172 717


The most important and the most powerful tool in therapeutic yoga is breath and its extensions, Prānāyāma and Bandhā.   However, any powerful tool will bring in equally powerful harmful effects, if not handled properly.

The Yoga Rahasya says,

“Appropriate application of [Prānāyāma and Bandhā-s] ensures comprehensive healing of many diseases that can not be handled by any other medical system.

Whereas, inappropriate application will bring into the constitution, many diseases that are not yet known to the humanity.”

So, it is definitely appropriate that every Yoga Practitioner, Teacher and Therapist should have both theoretical knowledge and practical expereince in Prānāyāma and Bandhā, and complete and comprehensive understanding of the principles and practices of  their application to others.


Dr NCJoin Dr N Chandrasekaran (Dr NC) for two inspirational, informative and enjoyable days of discussion, insight and practical investigation into the traditional methodology of practicing, teaching and applying Prānāyāma and Bandhā-s in therapy as expounded by Sri. Krishnamacharya, the Great Master and Healer.

Yoga practitioners, Teachers and Therapists, make use of this opportunity to refresh your understanding, dispense your doubts and strengthen your clarity on Prānāyāma and Bandhā  wtih DR NC MBBS, one of the world’s most experienced yoga therapist, a western medical doctor, international Yoga teacher and Therapist trainer, and author.