Students practice observation techniques.
Students practice observation techniques.


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Thursday, 11 Jun 2015 to Saturday, 20 Jun 2015
From $2575, please see website for more info.
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    • 9 day / 9 night Residential Training with Dr N. Chandrasekaran MBBS and Leanne Davis
    • Friday 12 June 2015 – Sunday 21 June 2015 at Koinonia by the Sea,  Evans Head, North Coast NSW
    • This training may be taken as a stand alone course and is the first module of the VHF Post Graduate Diploma in Yoga Therapy (PGDYT)
    • If you intend to continue with the PGDYT you may make up the Foundations  requirement over the next twelve months

Learning and practicing yoga is one, and the application of yoga on others is entirely different.  This difference between yoga and the application of yoga has not been well stressed.  This has resulted in the same yoga techniques that teachers have learnt being applied on other people without giving due consideration to the constitutions of the individuals, their capability, their requirements, and without individuality in the teaching methodology itself.

Yoga, from its inception, is very clear that it is intimately personal and deeply experiential.  Only the practitioner can experience his or her yoga. On the other hand, yoga has innumerable principles, many potent techniques and tools and a rich science inculcated in it.  They have been nurtured and strengthened by an uninterrupted lineage of great masters in yoga.   In application of yoga, yoga teachers apply these principles on others to bring out the specific, pre-contemplated and appropriate response.

Yoga recognizes five different types of application namely:

1. Sristi krama
2. Siksana krama
3. Raksana krama
4. Adhyatmika krama
5. Cikitsa krama

Each type of application has its own set of principles behind, and within, its operation so as to make the application most appropriate, effective and intelligent. 


      Thus, each type of application is unique in its own way.


This module deals extensively with a comprehensive study of each type of application and each level of application (introductory, middle stage and advanced). Each will include the following considerations:

On whom? Complete study of the individual.
For what purpose?  Assessment of the individual and the requirements.
How?  The methodology of application.

Included for From $2575, please see website for more info.

All tuition, all meals (organic vegetarian), and nine nights accommodation. Prices include GST.

Schedule / Itinerary

Registration for the course will be open from 3.30pm – Friday 12 June 2015

Dinner will be provided and the program will commence with an evening talk.

In the morning sessions, all the theoretical learning will be presented.

The afternoon will focus on Examination methodologies. Each day, one important joint will be taken up for observation and discussion. The first and third hour will be on studying the methodology of observation, palpation and examination in a workshop manner.  The second and the fourth hour will be for discussions based on observation done in the previous hour.

The course will conclude with lunch on Sunday 21 June 2015.