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Discover the art of self-healing- As passionate yoga teachers or enthusiastic yoga students, have you ever considered going beyond teaching physical asana practice and expanding your knowledge and understanding of yoga?

Join us for our upcoming Yoga Nidra teacher training and take the next step in your Yoga journey.

Our classical Yoga Nidra Teacher Training is led by experienced and accomplished teacher, Vani Shukla accompanied with guest teachers, who have dedicated their life to share the teachings of Yoga and Meditation.

Through this traditional course, you will receive an authentic and comprehensive understanding of Yoga Nidra and its benefits. They will guide you through the practice and provide you with the tools to effectively teach and share this transformative practice with others.

Included for $499

Cost Includes-
*Face-to-face 20 contact hours, study material, and online (via email and phone calls) student support for one month.

Early Bird Price- $499/person

Full Price- $ $599/person (including 10% GST)

Installment options are available with a booking deposit (non-refundable ) of $150 /per person to save your spot.

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What is Yoga Nidra or Yogic Sleep? Yoga Nidra is the practice of entering a state of deep, dreamless sleep while remaining aware of oneself and the experience. The traditional preparations and practices toward the state of Yoga Nidra involve deep relaxation that promotes physical, emotional, and mental relaxation, healing, and rejuvenation. The practice initially involves lying down in a comfortable position while a trained teacher guides you through a series of verbal instructions, aimed at achieving deep relaxation, and self-awareness. Yoga Nidra is one of the practices of pratyahara where awareness is internalized. Literally, yoga nidra means ‘yoga sleep’ i.e. sleep with full awareness. In the practice of yoga nidra, the body sleeps but the mind remains awake listening to the instructions. In psychology, the state achieved in the preparatory practices of yoga nidra is termed the hypnogogic state, a state between sleep and wakefulness. Benefits of Yoga Nidra: Reduce stress and anxiety Improve sleep quality Increase self-awareness Promote mental and emotional well-being Deepen your yoga practice and teaching repertoire Heal the unconscious and subconscious mind What You'll Learn: Introduction to Yoga Nidra and its benefits from classical texts like Patanjali Yoga Sutras and Upanishads, understand, how it differs from other forms of meditation and what makes it unique. Understanding of Yoga Nidra through Yoga Anatomy (Pancha kosha theory, important nadis, and four states of mind) . Physiology of the Relaxation Response and its Effects on the Body and Mind. Guided Yoga Nidra practices of varying durations from Himalayan Yoga Tradition. Modifications and adaptations for individual needs. Teaching methodology for creating a safe and supportive environment. Self-practice resources to support personal growth. Integration: After each Yoga Nidra session, time to integrate the experience by journaling or sharing with the group. Learn to use your voice effectively. As a yoga teacher, offering a Yoga Nidra course can be a valuable addition to your teaching repertoire and as a dedicated student of Yoga, this course can help you to deepen your practice. About facilitators- Vani Shukla- a Master of Sciences in Yoga Therapy, has extensive training in different Yoga Traditions and has been sharing the benefits of Yoga with others for the past 20 years. Her personal experience with the transformative power of Yoga has inspired her to spread this practice in its truest form, allowing people to achieve complete well-being in body, mind, and spirit. Cost Includes- *Face-to-face 20 contact hours, study material, and online (via email and phone calls) student support for one month. Early Bird Price- $499/person (including 10% GST) Full Price- $599/person (including 10% GST) Installment options are available with a booking deposit (non-refundable ) of $150 /per person to save your spot. For queries contact-, call-(08) 83527823 We have limited spots available! "Our life is characterized by a rapid pace of life, with fast food, quick money, speedy cars, and a culture of living in the fast lane. However, the more we strive for speed and shortcuts, the more we encounter dead ends, increasing our discomfort and anxiety. This lifestyle also distances us from achieving true happiness, peace, and presence, which form the foundation for all other aspects of our lives. In contrast, by adopting a slower way of living, we can discover the benefits of slowing down to accelerate personal growth. Yoga offers various techniques to experiment with this approach to living."