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Kumudini Shoba


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Friday, 1 Feb 2019 toSunday, 3 Feb 2019
Friday 1 February: 6–8pm, Saturday+Sunday: 1:30–5.30pm.
Course cost is $350 for 10 hours of intensive Ayurveda training.
Veeraja 0412 314 080



Yukti is the union of multiple causes for producing good health. The workshop will cover the practical application of the gunas for self-understanding and self-transcendence. The teachings of Ayurveda provide a developmental pathway for us to live in balance with our own nature, and truly transform our lives. The program will also include discussion of Samprapti and Hetu, the etiology and progression of imbalances that create the pathways of pathogenesis in body, mind and emotions, and how Ayurveda utilises different modalities to optimise health and well-being.

Course Focus:

The program has been designed specifically for health practitioners, yoga teachers and health enthusiasts who already have a background understanding of Ayurveda, to impart a deeper insight into practical application of this ancient healing science and art.

About Kumudini

The program is taught by Ayurveda Practitioner, Author and Master Herbalist Kumudini Shoba, M.Sc. Kumudini comes from a long lineage of Ayurveda Practitioners in Sri Lanka. She has extensive clinical experience and works closely with health practitioners in the USA mentoring them to a deeper practical understanding and application of the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda. Kumudini, has been a student of meditation master Sri Chinmoy for 35 years and is the developer of the Service-Plants Ayurveda product range. She practices in Seattle, USA.

Ayurveda Consultations

Kumudini will be available for a limited number private individual Ayurveda Consultations in Melbourne, in February. These consultations provide individuals with an understanding of their Prakruti (birth constitution) along with practical guidance on how to restore, balance and optimise their health and wellbeing. Consultations are 50 minutes.


For further information contact Veeraja on 0412 314 080

Schedule / Itinerary

The program will run over 3 sessions for a total of 10 hours and is limited to 15 participants.
Friday 1 February @ 6:00pm–8.00pm
Saturday 2 February @ 1:30pm–5.30pm
Sunday 3 February @ 1:30pm–5.30pm