Awakening the Heart
Awakening the Heart


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Level 1, 2 Bungan Street, Mona Vale, NSW, 2103, Australia
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Friday, 29 May 2015
2 - 4 pm
(02) 9997 2121


Energetically the Heart Chakra ( Anahata) is our centre of love and compassion.

When we awaken the heart, we start to free ourselves from the limitations of old hurts and grief.

Physically, the process of awakening the heart is aided by back bending postures, which in turn help the spine become more stable and supple, but in this workshop we will also explore other Yogic practices which help awaken the heart, including :


*  Asana - movement flows centered around the physical heart space to open and to tonify.
* Pranayama - breath cycles that take us deeper into the energetic realms of Heart.
* Sound Vibration / Mantra - The next level of transformation.
* Meditation - Where the entire practice comes together.

A life lived with an open heart is one with a deeper sense of connection, contentment and therefore peace and happiness.

Open to all levels, from beginner to experienced practitioner


Bookings only thru the center on 9997 2121


Schedule / Itinerary

Saturday May 30th. 2-4 pm