Yoga Philosophy Summer Session 3 - Mantra:


Map of Byron Bay, New South Wales
46 Acacia Street, Byron Bay, New South Wales, 2481, Australia
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Tuesday, 15 Dec 2015
6 - 8pm
0432 851 513


The Body is a Temple for the Divine Vibrations of Creation to sing through. 

In ancient India, the Rishis or spiritual sages heard these vibrations and created the mantras that invoke the qualities of Creation to manifest.

In this Session we will learn traditional Mantras for Health, Empowerment, Prosperity, Success, Peace and Deep Communion with the Source of All.

Resonating through the sacred mantram into the subtle layers of sound we effortlessly awaken into the deep silence of communion with the Source of All.  

No experience necessary, we will move gracefully into the mantras, starting with gentle breathing and stretching.

Dress comfortably, bring a water bottle.


Om Shanti Om