Total Body Rejuvenation: 3hr Yoga Retreat

Oct25202010:00 amtoOct2520201:00 pm

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64 Canns Road, Bedfordale, Western Australia, 6112, Australia
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Sunday, 25 Oct 2020 toSunday, 25 Oct 2020


Revel in feeling fresh, alive and connected with your body!

Give yourself the gift of a morning of self-massage & yoga and enjoy the powerful experience of being entirely relaxed.

This retreat will include yoga sequencing & breathing techniques designed to create deeper awareness of the body, relief from aches & pains, improved posture & alignment as well as more flexibility and co-ordination.

Feel the body open and relax over 3 hrs then carry this with you as you go back into your every-day routine with take home techniques to practice, creating a lasting effect for your overall wellbeing.

Be soothed with this combination of restorative yoga and roll & release. More than just self-massage there is an opportunity to start an investigation into the body through movement and rolling. Pliability of the whole-body facia network can be improved through rolling and yoga allows for this practice to deeply become embodied.

This retreat will allow a curious practice to find it’s way into pockets of ourselves we haven’t visited in a while.

Enjoy this 3hr retreat, perfect for anyone new to yoga as well as experienced yogis!

Opening Meditation 

Breathing Exercises

Vishrant Flow Yoga

Roll & Release

Vishrant yoga

Deep Relaxation Sequence

Delicious Refreshments

Move, roll & relax your way to total body rejuvenation!

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