Soul Sounds & Yin Yoga

Nov2220202:00 pmtoNov2220204:00 pm

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64 Canns Road, Bedfordale, Western Australia, 6112, Australia
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Sunday, 22 Nov 2020 toSunday, 22 Nov 2020


You are invited to close your eyes and open your ears as we take this immersive journey together. 

Join experienced yoga teacher Prema Deva and Sound Bath musician Shiva Ananda as they guide you on a powerful journey to surrender.

Enjoy a nourishing fusion of Vishrant yin yoga and Sound bath with each pose carefully matched to instruments in order to cultivate a state of deep restoration.

This 2 hour practice will encourage stillness within, reflection of yourself and have you leaving with a sense of ease and lightness. 

Vishrant Yin yoga is a restorative and gentle practice with slow, long holds to cultivate stillness in the body and the mind. The poses are designed to move stagnant energy and bring about rest and restoration. Combined with the gentle sounds of the crystal singing bowls and gongs and you will experience deep relaxation, while allowing the sound vibrations to heal the whole body. 

Allow yourself the time to come to a place of stillness and reconnect with yourself. 

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