Introduction to Buddhism: 4 Week Course

Nov1720206:00 pmtoNov1720207:15 pm

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Tuesday, 17 Nov 2020 toTuesday, 17 Nov 2020


Buddhism is a life philosophy, which opens the door to view your inner world with greater awareness, understanding and appreciation of life’s experiences.

The key practices of mindfulness and meditation allow investigation into the mind more consciously, helping to identify and address obstacles to freedom with a deeper sense of connection and contentment. This non-belief-based approach assists in seeing how the mind works and helps you to ease suffering and tension.

This allows you to live from a space where you are less reactive and more aware of your thoughts and feelings. You are able to respond with less resistance and greater clarity.

Join us for a 4-week course exploring Buddhist understandings and practices. You will be guided through meditative practices, reflections and discussions on how to reduce suffering and live a happier life.

We will be investigating a variety of subjects each week, including:

• The causes of suffering

• Living peacefully with contentment

• Reducing stress and worry

• Supporting happiness and its causes

Find inner peace, contentment and profound connectedness in your life through these transformative understandings and practices.

You are warmly welcomed and invited to come along!

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