Heart Chant: Music & Mantra

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Saturday, 13 Feb 2021 toSaturday, 13 Feb 2021


Give yourself the gift of this beautiful age old practice of Kirtan, in this 2 hrs soulful musical afternoon.

Kirtan music and mantra is a form of Bhakti yoga, a devotion to Heart and Beingness through expressive vocals and invocation. The beauty of mantra offers you an invitation to unite and open through song.

With music and mantra your able to connect and open to the inherent power of voice, to your heart and to a spacious awareness, where the mind relaxes and worries melt away. This mantra music brings people more fully into their felt senses as the melody and rhythms heighten your senses.

Heart devotee, Isha, will lead the mantras and invite you to sing them back to her. This back and forth of song helps to create a rhythm and connection that facilitates heart opening and the experience love that comes with it.

“Kirtan brings me into a space of stillness and devotion. Devotion to That which we are. The heart awakens and there is bliss. You can feel it as a presence, as divine. Even if it is fleeting you have seen something that is beyond words and that is the beauty of Kirtan. It shows us That!”  ~ Isha Deva

In this space of love and connection, Isha Deva is supported by vocalists and musicians Kali and Indi. The harmonium & acoustic guitar are softly woven into easy-to-follow ancient & modern chants. Together a deeper support and sense of healing and exploration is revealed. 

You don’t have to be a singer or musician, this gathering is about meeting with like-minded people and connecting in with your own heart.

The simplicity of this practice leaves you in a graceful state as these mantras heighten conscious awareness bringing a warmth and wonderment to life. 

When the heart opens and love is actually experienced, this is the most beautiful thing.”

~ Vishrant

Heart Chant is a call to experience the beauty of divine love, immerse yourself in the nature of heart and awaken within.

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