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Saturday, 16 Mar 2013

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Are you certain of what you are doing when practicing yoga?  Are you a little confused and not sure how to improve your practice?


Key aspects of this workshop include:

  • Begin to understand the psychosomatic (mind-body) relationship that creates postural dysfunction and imbalances
  • Realise for yourself why you are in the physical body shape you are in with personalised body readings and discussion held within the workshop.
  • Learn the value of 'awareness' and its key role in developing core stability and timing.
  • Develop anatomical knowledge relating to the specific location and function of core stabilizing muscles key to functional posture and yoga asana alignment.
  • Demystify common instructions provided in yoga class by understanding the deeper anatomy through practical experience.
  • Learn to engage core muscle while performing yoga postures through direct one-on-one experience with a qualified teacher and therapist.
  • Learn the most common dysfunctional postural patterns we face in our modern day and how to correct these using yoga asana practice.
  • Learn how to deactivate chronically tight muscle and soft tissue by engagement of key muscles that open the body naturally, rather than using force to lengthen or stretch the muscles.

This workshop is for everyone!  


Chris has been teaching yoga teachers, yoga students, athletes, people who exercise regularly, people rehabilitating from injury and those who are keen to greatly improve their posture and body efficiency for various activities of daily life.

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