Weekend Workshops with Jambo Truong: The Art of Letting Go + You are Enough


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Saturday, 9 Feb 2019 toSunday, 10 Feb 2019
1 00pm to 5 00pm
single workshop $95; Both $175
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0416 131 662


The Art Of Letting Go

Saturday 9th February

1 to 5pm


This therapeutic session builds up to a space that can be created when we let go. Experience the subtle yet powerful changes to the nervous system when we let go and what that does for your strength and flexibility training whilst also enhancing relaxation or meditative experiences.

A mixed-level class that includes hip work and long resting poses at the beginning and end exploring deep states of Nidra & Savasana.


You are Enough 

Sunday 10th February

1 to 5pm

This play-shop is a light hearted approach to training functional lines that enable the experience of greater joy in arm balancing and inversions. 


You will be guided through a series of progressions that practitioners of any level can get involved in experiencing and teaching, with a particular emphasis on strengthening what is weak. This means that each practitioner in the room will be doing something different, based on where their own imbalances of strength have come from. 


By strengthening movement patterns that are weak, we strengthen the over all system - so when it’s time to play with inversions, it’s a completely new experience. 

Included forsingle workshop $95; Both $175

4 hour workshop

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Saturday and Sunday 1 00 to 5 00pm