Freedom in Fulfilment
Freedom in Fulfilment


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Thursday, 15 Sep 2016
7pm - 9pm
0431 996 480


Full Moon in Pisces
Lunar Eclipse
Visible from Sydney: Full Moon exact in early hours of Saturday 17 September

Full Moon Meditation: Friday 16 September
7pm - 9pm

As the closure of the Eclipse season occurs with this full moon, it's a powerful one as Pisces in the final sign of the zodiac: the omega of holism, complete. Also kissing goodbye to some of the major astrological alignments in the past couples of years and months.

Freedom in Fulfillment

“Full Moons and Lunar Eclipses bring issues in our lives to fulfillment. Our emotions are heightened, and there is often some drama involved with the house, sign, and any contacted planets activated by the Full Moon. The areas of life activated by the eclipse may see dramatic turns, after which the path is clear to move forward.
This Lunar Eclipse in Pisces is bound to thrust us into a state of heightened awareness. It’s a time to take special note of your dreams, as well as insights or thoughts/emotions that seem to come from “out of the blue”. These could be creatively inspiring. The range of emotions that Pisces registers is extraordinary, and this could be a time when we feel that enormous range. Around the date of the Full Moon Lunar eclipse, the idealistic side of us comes out full speed ahead. With Virgo, we are acutely aware of imperfections. We see the flaws around us and perhaps become very tense and irritable, or we work hard at fixing them. To Pisces, however, imperfection is beautiful. At the time of the Lunar Eclipse, we may suddenly see this Piscean “light.”
With the health and service axis (Pisces-Virgo) involved, health or work issues may come to the fore. As well, the ability to set boundaries to the amount of service we render can become a major issue. Situations that test our faith, or magnify our fears and doubts, may be part of the picture. Secrets may be revealed, and these can include discovering secrets of our own nature from deep within. For some, a new “calling” will surface in the coming six months. A new line of work that better matches our inner nature, desire to serve, or emotional make-up may unfold in the months following this eclipse, particularly if the natal Sun, sixth/twelfth houses, or tenth house is activated. We may discover that we need more rest or attention to our spiritual nature than we are currently allowing ourselves. This is a time when lunar energy emerges and is most potent. It’s a time when we can tap into our more idealistic, imaginative, and visionary nature. Our hearts open, and issues of trust and faith are in focus. Decisions made now are emotionally-driven”- Copyright 2016 by


Cost: $44
Yogatopia 9/50 Victoria Road Drummoyne (Enter via Thornley St)

For more info and bookings: Harsukh: or 0431 996 480