Full Moon in Aries - Lunar Eclipse - Grace


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Friday, 18 Oct 2013
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Friday 18 October 7pm - 9pm


“Go inside and listen to your inner voice.

Every question has an answer.

Your soul is full of wisdom and knows the way" - Yogi Bhajan

“The coming few weeks provide an opportunity to explore the true nature of balance and the part we can play in establishing it, which brings us back to the message from Saturn and Pluto who say that the only way out is through. For only by meeting the challenges of life with equal force in the form of resilience, commitment and acceptance (another often overlooked force of nature!) can we begin to balance the more extreme aspects of this transformational time. Allowing the force of change to repel and push us back into a state of fear or denial merely means we must meet those same forces with greater strength further down the line. But if we commit to meeting them now with the inner strength required to balance them and continue forward in a state of grace, true peace lies on the other side of this meeting, hard won and yet enduring for that very reason: the peace born of knowing what is truly required for balance to prevail, alongside the willingness to do whatever it takes.”

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Utilising the ancient technology of Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan, we shall experience meditations on awakening our infinite potential - the kundalini.

Join us for an evening of deep surrender, healing & wonder

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