Yoga Transitions


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Saturday, 28 Sep 2013
$40 / $35
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In the style of vinyasa yoga that we teach at BodyMindLife, the ‘transition’ between postures becomes as important as the pose itself and can often be as technically challenging. When we move with grace and the asanas link to form sequences, we can find ourselves in a uniquely beautiful moving meditation. This workshop is all about helping you develop the ability to immerse yourself in the flow by mastering these transitions.

In this afternoon workshop with Murray, our expert movement mechanist, we will explore and practise the following:

• Why are transitions between postures important?

• How do we move through transitions smoothly?

• Sun salute variations and the foundational sequences of our classes

• Key transitions between balances and inversions

• Finding the flow by immersion in movement

Whether you are a new student and seeking guidance on how to step up from downward dog without scraping your foot, or an experienced yogi looking to gracefully float and fly, this workshop will give you grounding and direction to progress your practice, whatever your starting point. We will complete the afternoon’s activities with a 60-minute flow to solidify your learning.

Included for $40 / $35

$40 / $35 / free for Revolutionaries