The Right To Be Here


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711 Darling St, Rozelle, NSW, 2039
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Sunday, 13 Jul 2014
$35 / $30 full members
(02) 9810 3146


Reconnect and find your vitality!

One of the many ways we lose energy and vitality is through disconnection from our physical body, which effectively separates us from the very root of our existence.

From our senses being excessively stimulated by our environment to mechanical routines and the numbness of unfulfilling occupations, we have lost touch with that lively feeling that comes from being connected to the one thing we are guaranteed to have for the rest of our lives: our bodies.

Using our legs and feet to experience what it means to be grounded but at the same time dynamically alive, this workshop explores the postures that support our foundations. Working through a variety of balancing postures and understanding why we sometimes ‘lose our feet’, this creative workshop will include asana, philosophical teachings, meditation and chanting to allow a sense of being firmly rooted in our bodies and confirming our right to be here.