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711 Darling St, Rozelle, NSW, 2039, Australia
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Friday, 8 Nov 2013
$40 / $35 full members
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Les’ master class is an opportunity for students, from beginning practitioner to intermediate/advanced students and teachers, to drop in, dive in and go deeper into exploring everything that is possible with your practice. In these classes we will chant, practice pranayama and play. The asana practice is mindfully sequenced so that the basics are covered for newer students and the seasoned practitioner can play on their edges and have many variations and up-levels to practise throughout the class. One of Les’ many gifts is reading the energy of the room and knowing when it’s safe to go deeper, back off or just be still for a few extra breaths. Les teaches his master classes many Friday evenings as an opening to a weekend of workshops so that students not familiar with his playful teaching style will have a chance to begin their transformation. Les teaches in such a way that allows you to play and sweat and dance and laugh with the teachers of joy and challenge and love and confusion, all the while seeking a sweet surrender into savasana.

“I hope you can come and experience the opportunity to track subtle shifts or extraordinary transformation.”

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$40 / $35 for full members

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(Covers all four workshops)

$150 / $130 full members