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Map of Kundabung, NSW
286 Silo Rd, Kundabung, NSW, 2441, Australia
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Friday, 29 Sep 2017 to Thursday, 5 Oct 2017
$490 plus $70 for food
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phone 02-65615272



Many of the world's spiritual traditions work on centres of power within the body. In modern Yoga these centres are called Chakras.


Three of the oldest of these traditions are the Gypsy Tantric tradition of 7 chakras, the Celtic Alchemic Elemental States, each with it's Archangel, called by the Celtc Masters the Ladder of the Archangels, and the Aboriginal levels of Bulima. The teachers I had for all three of these  traditions said that they all come from before the last Ice Age, so are at least 20 to 30 thousand years old. 


In Spring we work these three traditions from the bottom to the top, one centre a day for seven days.


Please arrive Friday 29th September, so that we can all start together early Saturday morning. It is not good to leave a gap in your chakras by missing the fist session.

Plan to leave Saturday the 7th so that we can work the full moon on Friday night.




Included for $490 plus $70 for food

Classes, site rent and food

Schedule / Itinerary

We start in the morning with a meditation then 2 hours
of physical yoga.


Partner stretch for 2 hours.


Theory and therapy’s in the afternoon.

Then the meditation to clear shape and set each centre, one hour after the evening meal.