Samadhi Flow Yoga

Samadhi Flow Yoga

Joined on Apr 16, 2024

Each class unfolds in a way that is synchronistic with the rhythms of nature. We move through earth, water, fire, air, ether to arrive at a place of oneness with the universal flow of prana. The yoga sequences (flows) work with the nadis (energy meridians) and chakras (energy centres) to create a state of balance and bliss from head to toes.

We focus on releasing tension in the back, neck, shoulders and spine, opening the hips, hamstrings and the heart and supporting the bodies immune, digestive and nervous systems.

Kath, Y.T. specialises in yoga for surfers, prenatal yoga, kids yoga, mums and bubs yoga, yoga for a healthy reproductive system and yoga therapy for back and neck pain and healing through intuitive movement.

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Teacher in Point Lookout, QLD

Waves of Bliss in an Ocean of Energy