Warrior 11 Pose  A strengthening, balancing asana.


This pose is easy for beginners, and it is also an incredible source of power.
The great thing about Warrior poses is that you can do them anywhere and they feel good.

Warrior poses require and develop incredible strength and power in the legs.  Many
people are weak in the legs. The legs have huge power potential, they support you.

In Greece, there is a phrase referring to the point when a person is ready to die that can be translated as "He has lost his legs."

The legs are like the second heart. The heart mostly pumps blood down to the extremities, but the legs pump the blood back up. The thighs contain the largest set of muscles in the body, and these muscles do incredible work for the body.  You can really use them in this pose. Moving through the warrior poses and cultivating power in the legs is another important component of Yoga, strengthening your body.

In this asana the front leg bends to 90 degrees over the heel, foot pointing straight ahead. The back leg is straight and strong with the back toes turned forward slightly, check your alignment.  The arms reach straight forward and straight back, spreading the chest and back at the same time, with a line of energy from the fingers of the front hand straight back through the fingers of the back hand.