Moon Tribe Yoga Fertility Yoga Course

Fertility Yoga

Yoga for fertility is for women who are preparing to conceive, trying to conceive and for women undergoing Assisted Reproductive Treatment. This is a very special 8-week program where we work through the best yoga poses for hormonal and reproductive health. You will also learn meditations, visualisations and breathing techniques to calm the mind and the nervous system. You will learn to nourish and nurture yourself so you will be at your best when it is time for you to become a mother. You can feel safe and supported during this special time in your life, and be confident that what you are doing will help you towards the realisation of your wish to be a mother. Your teacher has personal experience with the challenges of infertility and specialised training to lead this unique style of yoga class.

If you do fall pregnant during the course, as often happens, your teacher is a highly qualified prenatal yoga teacher and can guide you through the rest of the course safely so you and your baby can still continue to benefit from this richly nourishing program.

Wednesday Fertility Yoga


Special January 4-week course!

4-week course begins Wednesday 7th January and ends 28th January. Cost for 4-weeks is $100

8-week course begins Wednesday 4th February and ends 25th March. Cost for 8-weeks is $200

Contact Tanya 0400 807672 or email