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Moon Tribe Yoga

Joined on Dec 5, 2023

At Moon Tribe Yoga we practice in a way that is slow and calming, inviting you to journey within. This style of yoga is perfect to counterbalance the hectic lives many of us lead and is also complimentary to those who already have a strong exercise regime.

Slowing down your practice and moving deeply into your poses, does not necessarily make it easier. Holding poses for longer and entering into stillness can be a challenge for a tense body and busy mind but mastering this art has enormous benefits for your health and wellbeing.

Our class flows gently to allow time to settle into each pose or meditative technique. There is no rush, just a feeling of timelessness as you enjoy the benefits of your practice. We aim to balance the body’s strengths and weaknesses and remove the stress and tension from our systems, allowing energy and awareness to flow freely.

Moon Tribe Yoga specialises in yoga for women. Yoga is a gift during each phase of a woman’s life and to experience its true benefits her practice needs to evolve throughout her life to support her changing needs. A woman’s practice is most powerful when she know’s what she is doing and why she is doing it. This is why classes at Moon Tribe Yoga are informative and specially designed to support you as an individual.

Tanya is passionate about the magic of yoga and its ability to transform the lives of those who take this path. She is especially interested in the powerful effect yoga has to enrich the lives of women, rebalancing women’s health not only physically, but mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

A highly qualified yoga teacher and registered with Yoga Australia, Tanya has specialised training in yoga for fertility, prenatal, postnatal and yoga for women’s vitality and restoration (recovery from a health crisis and restoring feminine vitality). Always looking to deepen and broaden her knowledge, Tanya enjoys attending workshops and courses with renowned yoga teachers and is blessed to be able to draw from the amazing wisdom of other women working in this special field.

Tanya created the Fertility Yoga program from her own personal experience with infertility and knows first hand the transformational power of these simple practices. Her passion for this work continues to grow as she is constantly inspired by a dedication to thorough research and the amazing women she meets on this journey.