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Teacher Training - Sydney or by Distance Education!! Your participation in the Zen Ki Yoga Teacher Training Diploma will ensure you are equipped with the skills, knowledge, confidence and experience to teach.

Darlinghurst, NSW



    She appeared in 4 episodes of Channel 9's 'Fresh' cooking and demonstrating yoga. She is also the one of the 4 faces of John McGrath’s Oxygen Home Loans and has written articles for Body+Soul, Sunday Telegraph.

    Janie spent two years as a regular guest on SUSIE, a National TV variety and lifestyle show on the WIN Network around Australia and Channel 9, Perth and Adelaide.

    Janie now specialises in teaching Zen Ki Yoga as she has for the last 11 years and has studied Ki Shiatsu and Macrobiotics with Ken McLean.  She has studied Applied Anatomy & Physiology with Simon Borg-Olivier.   In 2004, Janie regularly traveled to North West NSW and to teach yoga classes and workshops to people living in remote areas.

    Janie now runs her own yoga studio 'The Centre of Yoga' in William Street, East Sydney teaching classes, running detox programs, retreats and teacher training.

    "I am very passionate about helping others achieve their optimal health and get rid of unnecessary pain. So much of our pain, issues and health problems are treatable without drugs despite what our western medical profession tells us."

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