100hr New England Introduction to Yoga Therapy Course


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Saturday, 21 Feb 2015 to Sunday, 14 Jun 2015
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Yoga Therapy Training

Sadhana Yoga School is now offering continuing education for yoga teachers and health care practitioners who wish to deepen their professional or personal practice through the study and application of advanced yoga techniques designed for achieving optimal mental, emotional, and physical, well-being.

Module One: Introduction to Yoga Therapy

Yoga Therapy is now becoming the cutting edge education and practice for health care professionals of which to work with individuals from a holistic and integrative framework. It is becoming increasingly important for yoga teachers to deepen one’s understanding of yogic living and understand basic therapeutic intervention and for health care professionals to broaden one’s scope of practice to include the ancient principals of yoga both in theory and practice.

The 100-hr yoga therapy course is open to both health care professionals and yoga teachers.

  • For yoga teachers wishing to pursue a certificate at the 300-hr level, a 200-hr certificate of graduation is required.
  • Health Professionals such as doctors, nursing, social work, mental health counselors, psychotherapists, physical therapists, and massage therapists would benefit from taking this course.

It both theoretical and experiential and will be focused on the study and integration, personally and professionally, of the topics covered. Topics included are:

  • The Autonomic Nervous System
  • Advanced Energetic Anatomy
  • Psychology of the Energetic Body
  • Pranyama
  • Mudras
  • Meditation, Visualization, Imagery
  • Working with Anxiety, Depression, Trauma
  • Specialized Asana Sequencing
  • Theraputic Integration
  • Basic Counseling Skills
Beyond Professional, into the Personal
Dates for 100hr Yoga Therapy Course:

This 100hr Introduction to Yoga Therapy will be offered one weekend a month over 5-months and will include a 3-day retreat with room and food provided.

  • Feb. 21 and 22 (9am-5pm on Saturday and 12pm -6pm on Sunday)
  • March 21 and 22 (9am-5pm on Saturday and 12pm -6pm on Sunday)
  • April 18th and 19th (9am-5pm on Saturday and 12pm -6pm on Sunday)
  • May 29, 30, 31


    3 Day Retreat @ Bethel Farm (Start Friday 6pm-finished 3pm Sun)

  • June 13 and 14 (Last session 9am-5pm both days-this weekend only)
  • Throughout the course students will be required to attend a weekly yoga class that will complement the course material and one’s personal practice and integration. A minimum attendance of one class per month is required (in addition to the above meeting times) but it is highly recommended to attend weekly.
Tuition for 100hr Yoga Therapy Course:

$1500 and includes

  • 3 day retreat with room and food
  • your training manual
  • any reading supplements that can be copied

Additional Costs

  • Books (will be kept as limited as possible)
  • Basic Monthly Membership at the Keene Yoga Center
Sign Up with a $350 deposit to reserve your space.
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Included for $1500

Course cost includes 11 days (100hr) of instruction (see below for dates), the manual, and any reading materials that we are able to copy, as well as a three-day retreat at beautiful Bethel Farm in Hillsborough, NH -- complete with delicious vegetarian fare!


Additional costs may include supplementary books (we will keep these to a minimum), and a Basic Membership at the Keene Yoga center.