Certificate of Classical Yoga


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Saturday, 3 Feb 2018 to Saturday, 22 Dec 2018
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Certificate of Classical Yoga

This is a thorough study into the philosophy and practices of the Yoga Sutras and involves daily meditation practice.  It does not include Asana, except as related to meditation posture (the original significance of the word!), and it does not include any Anatomy and Physiology.

This is a one year course to suit many sorts of trainees:


  • Persons who wish to teach the wisdom teachings of Yoga, but have no wish to engage in the stretching and bending aspects of Yoga.  In this case, “asana” refers to your meditation position
  • Persons who are Yoga teachers already, but have missed out on the deeper aspects of meditation and Yoga philosophy and wish to fill that gap
  • Persons with yoga teacher training qualifications who wish to enter our Masters’ level program
  • Persons who wish to do the Diploma course but at present do not have enough experience in Asana to qualify.  In that case you would do the Certificate course followed by the Certificate in Asana and Anatomy, thus completing the equivalent of the Diploma course over 2 years instead of 1