Women's Health Yoga Intensive


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Monday, 5 Mar 2012 to Friday, 9 Mar 2012
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0414 630 163


Women's Health Yoga Intensive Monday to Friday – 5-9th March – 6-7.15am with Mandakini


Exercises designed to strengthen and stabilise female internal organs, helping you overcome hormonal imbalances, fatigue, period pain, PMT, irregular cycles as well as menopause symptoms.


Experience increased satisfaction, confidence and stability, Stronger lower back and stabilisation of the hormonal system.


"I found the Women's Health Intensive particularly good for my lower back and I sailed through my menstruation that month"  Anita, Naturopath, 39.


Facilitator: Mandakini

Mandakini holds a Diploma in Ryoho (Japanese) Yoga and Zen Shiatsu as well as a BSc. Over the last 18 years she has been teaching both general and specialised yoga classes (such as Lower Back, Weight Loss and Women’s Health yoga). She has offered early morning intensives, seasonal cleanses, residential retreats, Corrective Personalised Programs and Yoga to Corporate Organisations (RBA). Mandakini has guided and assisted people from all walks of life in their healing process, using Yoga, Shiatsu and Food as Medicine. She has taught and lectured in countries throughout the world, including the UK, US, Australia & India. Mandakini has a passion to educate people about Health and Wellness, and loves seeing people’s lives transform.


Investment: $85 ($75 early bird by 27th Feb)


Bookings & Info: Mandakini - 0414 630 163


Included for $85

$85 (early bird $75 by 27th February)