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Saturday, 29 Mar 2014
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Yoga and the Chakras workshop with Frida Lezius, senior teacher YA.


Frida teaches ‘dynamic Yoga’ an inspirational fusion of posture, breath and alignment. She studied with numerous known Yoga teachers worldwide (

Frida has researched Chakras and the Yogic energy system for years and teaches and lectures in workshops and teacher trainings.

This workshop is an introduction to how to apply Chakras to Yoga practise. (Chakra, Sanskrit = wheel)

Chakras are energy crossing points in the human body, they are known as plexus in western medical terms.

Chakras absorb, emit and distribute subtle energy (Prana) through our system.

With posture, breath and meditation the Yoga practitioner can balance the Chakras and generate energy and deep relaxation in body and mind.

- The workshop will offer one asana practices based on the Chakras and their position in our body and a lecture/discussion on the application of Chakras in daily life.

- The workshop is suitable for beginner and intermediate students.

Recommended reading:

“Chakras wheels of life”, Anodea Judith 

Frida Lezius is a Yoga teacher and artist with over 15 years experience. She also teaches Art and Movement therapy. 

Her teaching background is strongly formed by extensive training with Nicky Knoff, Iyengar senior teacher, Cairns, Sri Pattabhi Jois and B.N.S. Iyengar , Mysore, India and an apprenticeship with Godfrey Devereux, Dynamic Yoga Teacher, Ibiza, a swell as eight years of studying and teaching with Lance Schuler, Byron Bay

Frida Lezius is a YA certified 500 hours teacher.

Frida is a Hobart Art School graduate and has taught Art and Yoga in Europe and Australia.

She has been teaching in international teacher trainings with Lance Schuler – Inspya Yoga since 2004 and currently lives in Byron Bay where she teaches yoga at the Wheel of Life as well as working as a therapist and artist. 

Frida has invented an innovative technique known as “Body Mapping” to assess and correct posture. The expression of posture identifies the connection between the metaphysical and the physical balance of the body. Wellbeing comes when an uninterrupted energy flow is established in the body.

Frida’s classes are fun, releasing and energising, inviting us to re-connect with our spirit of play and encouraging us to tap into the vast natural creativity residing within.