Yin Yoga Workshop with Fiona Galloway


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Saturday, 24 Aug 2013
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YIN YOGA & MERIDIANS Strengthening Kidney & Bladder Chi WORKSHOP:

'Bringing a little Yin to your Yang' 

giving space to the HIPS, SACRUM & LOWER BACK.

Teacher: Fiona Galloway


payment can be made via on line bank transfer to: 

Joanne Camponovo

BSB: 306-066

#: 2325703

Bookings essential, 

Create the ultimate balance to your more dynamic practice, with Yin Yoga. 

Deeply releasing, deliciously relaxing!

A quiet & meditative practice, Yin Yoga allows us to work deeply into the body by passively stretching the muscles & releasing into the finer connective tissues. It creates ‘space’ in the body, cultivating greater flexibility & freedom throughout. It is complimentary to more dynamic yoga practices & nurtures stillness & balance amidst what is often a busy & stressful lifestyle.

Yin Yoga focuses largely on the hip axis (as well as spine) with the understanding that until we create space and freedom in this area, the rest of the body will lack the same. 

Yin and Yang, like 2 sides of the same coin, one cannot exist without the other. Yin (quiet, still & grounding) allows us to cultivate & store energy in our body, that then rises up in the form of Yang (dynamic, energising, uplifting). Both necessary for the continuity of life.

Yin Yoga is the seed from which your Vinyasa practice can flourish to a whole new level. 

With roots in Traditional Chinese Medicine, Yin Yoga also allows us to explore the meridians (energy pathways) in the body, addressing imbalances with the practice of specific exercises & sequences to bring strength to the organs, clear blockages, and encourage overall balance and wellbeing of body & mind. 

Come & experience Yoga from the Yin-side 

Formerly from Broome, Fiona Galloway is now a Fremantle-based yoga teacher & bodyworker. From Sivananda Yoga roots, she has taught Hatha Yoga for 10+ years. Yin Yoga emerged when the opportunity arose to study with Asia’s leading Yin Yoga teacher, Victor Chang, in Perth several years ago. Though already enamoured by the depth & self inquiry that Yin presented, the power of the practice truly came into being when illness literally bought her to a standstill. Suddenly quite immobile and unable to continue her regular Hatha practice & classes, Fiona immersed herself in Yin – it was her path to wellness, and is now her teaching passion. She has continued studies with Victor over the past few years in Singapore and most recently, in Malaysia. 

Thanks to Yin Yoga, Fiona has not only seen a transformation of her yoga practice & teaching, but how she approaches life, and she looks forward to sharing some of that with you :)