UPSIDE DOWN, INSIDE OUT (Handstand & Hand balancing workshop)


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Saturday, 23 Aug 2014
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Arm balances, head stands and hand stands can be exhilarating, fun, frustrating and perhaps a little bit scary all in the same breath. The strength and control we

build can be helpful in finding stability in the practice as we learn to keep a connection between the upper body and core. The element of focus

required is a good challenge for the mind, and overcoming fears to find the point of effortless balance whilst upside down can be somewhat satisfying.

In this workshop we will look at a few head stand variations, arm balances that may help you on your upside down journey and finally the hand stand. We will explore different ways of entering a handstand and some variations for those who have mastered free balancing and want to be challenged a little further. We will also look at some of the fears that may arise when putting ourselves upside down and develop strategies for overcoming them.

Dana Longton is an advanced Ashtanga Yoga practitioner and is dedicated to

a daily Pranayama and Meditation practice. Dana has been practicing

Ashtanga Yoga since 2003 and teaching since 2005. She is a Level 2 registered

teacher with Yoga Australia and a Senior Teacher at 8 Limbs Yoga in

Leederville. She also teaches classes in Kensington and holds overseas retreats under her business name Sage Yoga.

Dana’s enthusiastic and genuine approach, her focus on attention to detail and

her ability to apply this knowledge practically, make her classes fun yet

informative and accessible to students of all levels. 

Included for $65-$75

cost: $75 or $65 early bird by July 27th

payment can be made via on line bank transfer to:

Joanne Camponovo

BSB: 306-066

#: 2325703