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Friday, 6 Jun 2014 to Sunday, 8 Jun 2014
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Simon Borg-Olivier workshop “Internal Health, External Power: How to Generate Internal Energy for Inner Health and External Power in Yoga and Exercise” June 6-8 2014.


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Joanne Camponovo

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During this weekend Simon will guide you through a series of practices that will revolutionise your yoga and exercise practice. You will be shown effective ways of developing strength and flexibility without stress or intense stretching. As a physiotherapist and advanced yoga practitioner Simon will help you address common musculoskeletal problems and medical conditions. Each session will have period of instruction followed a mainly visually instructed practice to music.

When: June 6-8, 2014

Friday, June 6th

6:00-9:00 PM Session 1 “Internal Energy” You will be shown how to apply the yogic principle of Mudra (energy-control) using mainly active movements and safe effective postures to improve circulation and the flow of energy without necessarily needing to increasing your heart rate. This is the best way to create flexibility in your body without having to do painful stretching. This is also the best way to heal back pain and develop core strength.

Saturday, June 7th

Session 2, “Internal Cleansing” time: TBC (3hr) You will be shown how to apply the yogic principle of Kriya (internal cleansing) using posture, movement and breathing to help to remove blockages in your intestines, purify your blood and improve the health of your internal organs. This system does not require any external tools and in its simplest form can be done safely by anyone.

Session 3, “Internal Stability” time: tbc (3hr) You will be shown how to apply the yogic principle of Bandha (internal locks) to create strength and stability in your body without feeling tension or stress. This is the essence of core stabilisation for the whole body and is the key to controlling the flow of energy within you.

Sunday, June 8th

Session 4, “Internal Power” time: tbc (3 hr) You will be shown how to apply the yogic principle of Pranayama (breath-control). In the first part of this session you will be shown a simple seated breath-control sequence. In the second part of the session Simon will teach a calligraphy health sequence from his current teacher, Master Zhen Hua Yang, through which you’ll be introduced to a simple method of how to generate internal power through breathing, postures and mental focus. This session is suitable for all level of practitioners and is very powerful.

Session 5, “Internal Bliss” time: tbc (3 hr) You will be shown how to apply the yogic principles of Dharana, Dhyana and Samadhi (meditative practices) to develop intelligence in every cell of the body without having to over-think with your brain, and in the words of Sri B.K.S. Iyengar ’to make every cell of the body sing the song of the soul’. In the first part of this session Simon will go through all the key points to make a meditative practice during posture, movement and breathing. In the second part of the session you will be lead through a visually instructed dynamic-to-static meditative Yoga Synergy sequence to music that will incorporate all the practices used in the previous sessions. 

Included for $70-$350

cost: full weekend workshop: $350 or $300 early bird by April 30th

individual sessions: $80 or $70 early bird by April 30th