Restorative Yoga Canning Vale
Restorative Yoga Canning Vale

Apr2220245:30 pmtoApr2920246:30 pm

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20 Admiralty Road, Canning Vale, Western Australia, 6155, Australia
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Monday, 22 Apr 2024 toMonday, 29 Apr 2024
0427 839 402


In Person in Canning Vale (and also available online upon request)

Therapeutic Restorative Yoga

Mondays April 22 & 29

5:30pm - 6:30pm (AWST - Perth time zone).


$20 per class

bookings essential

Ahhh... time for some peace.

Therapeutic Restorative yoga combines restorative postures and movements that are soothing, supportive and guided by the breath, offering the chance to slow down and experience the quietening of the mind and the gentle fluidity of the body leaving us rested, nourished, balanced and nurtured. When we relax, we have the opportunity to go deeper without tension or strain. It encourages a balancing of hormonal systems, calming of the nervous system while immune and digestive systems improve.

The body and energy channels can open up so that the whole body can receive more nourishment and become fully energised. It is also a wonderful time for emotional healing.

Busy lives can become hectic and we can find ourselves spending most of our time rushing and doing, rather than being and resting. The nervous system is calmed as we switch over to the natural parasympathetic Nervous system state (rest, recover) rather than stuck in sympathetic state (fight by flight response) which can cause havoc on the body and mind.

While some movements and postures may be challenging depending on the individual and what you and your body are going through at present both physically and emotionally, movements are soft in nature and purpose and accessible and adaptable for all. It can also be challenging to have a quiet mind with a relaxed body, and vice versa. Once the mind can mirror the pose, inner peace can take place.