Inversions and Spinal bliss class


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Monday, 10 Jun 2013
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Inversions and Spinal bliss class

Come along and enjoy a one hour class delving into the world of inversions with added spinal work to open up for back bends. Inversions means upside down so we will be doing just this! Exploring postures of upside down nature. But don’t be alarmed, being upside down doesn’t necessarily mean having your feet in the air, your feet may even remain on the floor, depending of a student’s level and body capabilities. Your head however will be down either way. We will be looking at postures working towards inversions, and what you need to strengthen, stabilize, activate, in order to achieve these postures. Inversions are good for your lungs, heart, thyroid, help to relieve back pain and improves spinal mobility. Blood flow to the brain is increased, nourishing the brain cells with more oxygen and nutrients. Inversions improve digestion and elimination, are a great detox for your whole body including the lymphatic system and overall blood purification. 

Inversions help to reduce stress levels, simply make you feel good and can relieve depression.

We will also ease our spines into fluid bendy motions of bliss with back bends and postures to help move energy through the spine.. Feel alive and invigorated. Open and cleanse your heart. Develop strength, balance, flexibility and more.