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Wednesday, 7 May 2014
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Come and join this fun new format style of yoga class where the theme is 5 minutes!! That means sometimes we will be holding a passive pose for 5 minutes to really let the body release and go remarkably deeper or we might be doing a posture that requires more strength and so we would not hold for 5 minutes, but be moving in and out of that posture for 5 minutes.

For example, some postures we will be passively holding for 5 minutes are such postures as baddha konasana, upha vista konasana, pigeon and a bunch more. Then we might whip out some handstands or handstand prep, moving in and out of these for 5 minutes.

To help align the spine, and bring calmness to the nervous system, those who regularly practice shoulderstand and/or headstand could hold this for 5 minutes or move in and out many times so as not to strain and not holding for very long each time during the 5 minutes.

The class is ultimately balancing by engaging in snippets of dynamic endurance postures/movements and pauses of long soft calming holds. The class is also great for encouraging a home a practice as there will be less postures to remember and you will see that in only a few minutes you can draw on yoga for how you are feeling in the moment. 5 minutes is not so long and you can just pick one posture in the beginning if you like, and focus on getting through the 5 minutes of that posture. Once achieved, and when time allows, you can pick more postures to add to your practice or choose to extend the time you are holding/moving in a posture.

Come and enjoy!!