Workshop on Pranayama & Meditation


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21 Tangmere Street, Chapel Hill, Queensland, 4069, Australia
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Sunday, 13 Mar 2016
$30 for one workshop for new students; $25/participants (for Regular Students of Sri Ma School of Yoga)
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We can survive 3 weeks without food, 3 days without water, but only 3 minutes without breath. Truly, BREATH IS LIFEBut breath serves us in a much deeper way than mere survival. Breath is the conscious bridge between our mind and body, and crossing this bridge with intention can lead us to deep understanding and profound change. 

Yogic Breathing is a scientific way to good health, longevity and spiritual progress, and it is also a the best way to lead into meditation. Drawing from the ancient Indian science of Pranayama, in this workshop we will explore a variety of breathing methods–from calm and quiet, to vigorous and powerful–to infuse the body and mind with an overall sense of vitality, well-being, and peace. Take home with you a deep experience of, and insight into, the elegant and simple power of the breath–truly, our most potent tool for positive transformation.

Beginners will get a solid introduction. Intermediates will get concrete, helpful hints that will greatly improve their practice.  No yoga experience necessary. 
Note: you will sit on a chair, yoga cushion or the floor for the practice portions of the workshop.

Included for $30 for one workshop for new students; $25/participants (for Regular Students of Sri Ma School of Yoga)

E-copy of the manual;
Yoga Asana Chart that you can use to practice at home; &
​Warm Ayurvedic herbal drink

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This 3 hours workshop will provide with the practical, step-by-step explanations of the following:

  • Anatomy & Physiology of Breathing
  • Process of Breathing
  • Stages of Breathing
  • Pranayama techniques including Kapal Bhati, Nadi Shodhana, bhramari and Ujjayi
  • Learn to practice transformational pranayama sequence that you can do in your everyday life without any teacher/supervision/instructions.
  • Practice notes to take home