Map of Beechmont, Queensland
87 Binna Burra Rd, Beechmont, Queensland, 4211, Australia
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Thursday, 23 Jul 2015 to Saturday, 25 Jul 2015
$596.00 (twin share)
(07) 5531 0511


Healthy Mind, Healthy Body, Ayurvedic Cooking Retreat


Cook, Taste, Heal is about the food of life - the things that nourish your body, mind and life force. 

Based upon the principles of Yoga and Ayurveda, 'the knowledge of life', Shantiji will tell you about your body type: wind, fire or earth, known as Vata, Pitta, Kapha and combinations; nourishing yourself with what's best for your body, and also meals you can prepare for all body types. 

After picking herbs from the garden, gathering the eggs from the free range chickens, you'll congregate around food in the kitchen, chopping veggies, baking bread or making Indian breads, rotis for lunch, and Nirvana chai, or watch and taste. Learn to cook up a storm and when you go home you should be able to cook a feast suitable for the whole family. 

Or just read a book, relax on the banana lounge or hammock while you take time out of your busy, pressured life to enjoy the peace and tranquillity of Nirvana Wellness Retreat. 

Be inspired to enjoy life more deeply, 
explore a variety of life giving, life affirming food 
for your body, mind and health, 
as well as for your work, play and relationships.

Schedule / Itinerary

A Typical Day could look like:

7:30am. Stillness Meditation, Introduction to pranayama (yoga breathing) and Gentle Shanti yoga in conscious connection and long stretching.to calm the nervous system

8:30am.  Nirvana Breakfast. 

10:30am Health Talk - Understanding Ayurveda, Yoga and You.

11.30am Mindful art or Walk or Personal time

12:30pm Nirvana Lunch - the main meal of the day.

2pm    Deep rest relaxation (yoga nidra). Inward time

3pm   Treatments. Personal time.

4pm   Movie or Music workshop

6pm   Dinner.

7:30pm Sharing and candlelight or starry night meditation

Facilities for your enjoyment

  • Meditation and yoga space
  • Media room with hundreds of dvd’s in a variety of genres including documentaries, spiritual, entertaining and foreign films.
  • Gym equipment: Treadmill, exercise bike, vibrogear, whole body vibration massage therapy exercise machine, stepper with twister
  • Timber and glass dining area with panoramic views of the hinterland and ocean
  • Library with an abundance of genres from spiritual to cooking, gardening, Agatha Christie… and much more
  • Indoor activities, such as mandala art, chess, scrabble, carom board
  • Treatment rooms to aid in relaxation and detoxification
  • Gardens and scenic walks
  • Natural rock pool
  • Nirvana sunrise lookout - walking distance from the central accommodation
  • Nirvana outdoor starlight meditation - rug up.